The Team
Oleg Los, Founder

phone: 847 912 3463

20 years of mechanical development for mobile devices culminated in invention of backward compatible 3.5mm 5 pole TRRRS interface for audio systems and their accessories.

Stand by team

Small team of dedicated and experienced professionals ready to take on any challenge. Years of experience in product development, electro-acoustics and mobile device architecture, mechanical and tooling engineering.

MAX Solutions LLC
MAX Solutions is a startup dedicated to bringing affordable Hi Fidelity Immersive Binaural listening and recording experience to mobile devices everywhere.
We offer innovative backwards compatible five pole 3.5mm TRRRS audio plug and jack system allowing for five saparate communication lines between audio accessories and mobile devices.
Our plugs and jacks are fully compliant with new ITU-T P.382 (P.MMIC) worldwide standard!


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