MAX TRRRS Solution Advantage

1. Full backwards/forward compatibility with legacy 3 and 4 pole audio jacks and plugs  – you can still use all your favorite headphones and headsets! It is an evolution, not a revolution.

2. Leverages wide spread of 3.5mm audio connector.

3. Will work with any OS (IOS, Android, Win10, BB10).

4. Virtually no downside, same space and price as existing 3 and 4 pole solution.

5. Directly connects two external analog sensors to very powerful chipset capabilities of a modern mobile device. Eliminates ADC/DAC and power requirement in the accessory.

6. Much less expensive, less complicated then Lightning, USB-C, multiplexing or other all digital implementation paths.

7. Leverages existing mobile device architecture with very little change. No additional/custom silicon is needed. 

8. Straight forward hardware solution -> can be implemented into mass production immediately.

9. Scalable to billions of mobile devices and accessories.

11. Enables a differential pair/balanced audio approach for two external analog sensors  – very low SNR possible.

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