Binaural video links: making these impressive demos required cumbersome setup costing thousands of dolalrs and hours of editing time.  

With MAX TRRRS interface this will happen...with only a smartphone and a pair of inexpensive binaural headsets

ATTENTION! Before listening please make sure you wear headphones matching left can to left ear, otherwise there is no immersive sound experience.

Excellent Jeff Anderson binaural sound videos
Feather Heather Youtube personality, 400K subscribers.
Incredible binaural effects at 6:00
Feather Heather ASMR binaural sound only recording. A bit creepy and long, but wickedly good starting at 6:00 min. This shows power of binaural sound alone, no video!
Smarter Every Day at Machu Piccu, binaural sound video
Binaural videoconferencing demo
Binaural videoconferencing demo
Sound of a hartbeat. Crank up the volume to hear it better
Peter and Kelly binaural song