Applications and Benefits 

MAX TRRRS solution implementation offers OEMs following major benefits:

1. Clear differentiator for OEM mobile device compared to the ones without 5 pole TRRRS jack capabilities

2. Cross platform comtatibility between different OS platforms - IOS, Android, Win10 will all work with audio accessories equipped with MAX TRRRS plug

3. Space saving - two audio jacks (mic and headphones) can be consolidated into one 5 pole jack: think laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, SLR cameras, camcorders

Onces implemented following exciting audio applications will be enabled on your mobile device:

1. Active noise cancelling done by your mobile device will significantly reduce accessory price (currently has to be done by headphone)

2. Record low noise HiFi voice and music  directly to your phone via balanced audio directly, without any adapters

3. Individual or conference room videoconferencing with 3D sound in real time: think Skype, Facetime etc

4. Live concert , reality shows, amateur movie making - immersive entertainment experience recorded or broadcast live to mass audiences equipped with headphones – all done with only a smartphone and pair of binaural mics!

5. Personal Sound Amplification Products and Wired Hearign Aids: low cost/high performance products for hearing Impared

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