Standard 3.5mm TRS/TRRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) jacks and plugs have been used for decades. They are featured in billions of audio devices all around the world, including all currently used smartphones. Major limitation of this design is a use of only four separate communication lines.

MAX Solutions found a way to modify the old TRS/TRRS standard in order to add one more separate Input/Output line. New MAX TRRRS jacks and plugs allow using five separate communication lines.





Unique feature of this connector system is its backwards compatibility with existing TRS and TRRS standards. That’s right, all legacy audio  plugs and jacks are compatible with MAX TRRRS plugs and jacks. Therefore all existing audio devices and their accessories could be successfully used with the new MAX TRRRS system.

Here is how the world connects to a smartphone with3.5mm audio connector now:


And here is how the world will be able to connect to a smartphone using MAX TRRRS plugs and jacks:


As can be seen, adding one more communication channel to the old system creates many opportunities for implementing advanced audio accessories. Active Noise Cancelling, Binaural Sound recording, Balanced Audio listening and affordable HiFi Personal Amplifiers/Hearing Aids are just a few.

Differentiation is just one of many benefits  MAX TRRRS connector system offers to system architects designing mobile devices and their accessories. It is a missing link between a digital world of a smartphone chipset and an analogue world of external audio instruments.

MAX 3.5mm TRRRS audio connectors are a reliable,  scalable, affordable solution that can be implemented into OEMs designs immediately.

All our plugs and jacks are backwards compatible with ITU-T P.381 and comply to brand new P.382 (P.MMIC) standard for 3.5mm TRRRS systems.

Confused about the future of  the 3.5mm audio connector? You are not alone. Read White Paper and check out latest posted articles on this subject.

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